Welcome to my world!

In high school I was a very sick kid–extremely overweight, aches and pains, brain fogs, and a dozen or so other medical problems that left doctors scratching their heads. From handfuls of pills to 500 calorie broth diets, to hours and hours of gym time, nothing seemed to help any of my symptoms. As a teenager, I was most worried about the weight that wouldn’t leave. I spent 11 years dedicated to restrictive calorie counting and hours in the gym with most of my symptoms and a decent amount of weight staying on my frame…until I discovered I had food allergies.

Managing food became a part-time job for awhile, as I re-adjusted my life. Over several years of work, I was eventually diagnosed with Celiacs disease. Losing gluten (and most grains) became key for me. Today, my life is changing so fast, that I’m just trying to keep up. It’s amazing to be a normal weight, not in pain, and actually enjoying the taste of food again. The kitchen has become my friend and I love trying out new recipes and exploring new ingredients.

I’ve become so interested in the link between nutrition and allergies that I am leaving my job as a Technical Writer and returning to school to pursue medicine and Immunology. There is a lot of misinformation out there and research to be done – and I’m excited to be a part of it!

This blog is intended to share my day-to-day journeys (including yummy recipes) with finding Celiac-friendly food, the unique challenges of being a distance runner with Celiac, and new medical research as I find it.

In high school before diagnosis (no – I was not normally THAT ridiculous in my wardrobe – but I avoided pictures so much this Halloween one is one of the very few I could find)
Taken 6 months after I quit gluten for life